Roleta Brasileria

Live Roulette is played with a live dealer and a real Roulette wheel*. We use standard European Roulette rules.

*For the tables that have Slingshot in the name, an automated Roulette wheel is used, instead of a live dealer and a real Roulette wheel.

Live Roulette games can also be played in a landbased Casino. The only difference between standard and landbased Roulette is that the latter is played without a betting timer. Round progress is announced via player notifications. Due to this feature, ignore the reference to betting timer in the betting flow section.



Minimum and maximum position limits are applied to all tables, meaning that all your bets on available positions must be within the limits indicated under the Table Limits panel.

The Min and Max sign on the table indicate the limits for a Plein (Straight Up) bet. Some tables also have a minimum and maximum table limit, meaning that the sum of your bets must be within the limits. These limits are also shown on the Limits panel.

Bet types

There are many ways to place Roulette bets in Live Roulette. Each bet type covers a different set of numbers and has a different distribution. The payouts for all bets are listed in the Winnings Table below.

Roulette inside bets

These are the figures on the internal area of the Roulette table layout, where you bet on each specific number.

Roulette outside bets

These are the bet positions on the outside edge of the board, e.g. Even, Odd, Red, Black, etc.

Straight Up (Plein)

You can bet on any number, including zero (0), by placing your chip on the centre of a number. The maximum bet for this wager is indicated under the Limits panel.

Split bet (Cheval)

You can bet on two numbers by placing a chip on the line that divides the two numbers. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by two.

Street bet (Transversale Pleine)

To bet on a row of three numbers (a street), place a chip on the boundary line of the Roulette table, at the end of the corresponding row. A bet on three numbers 0, 1 and 2, or 0, 2 and 3 is a special Street bet. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by three.

Corner bet (Carré)

You can bet on four numbers by placing a chip at the corner where the four numbers meet. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by four.

Basket bet (Transversale de Quatre)

You can bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 by placing your chip on the boundary line, where the line between zero (0) and the first row intersects it. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by four.

Line bet (Transversale Simple)

You can bet on two streets (i.e., on six different numbers in two rows, three numbers in each row), by placing your chip on the boundary line of the Roulette table where the line dividing the two rows intersects it. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by six.

Column bet (Colonne)

You can bet on all twelve numbers in a column by placing a bet in one of the three boxes marked as “2 to 1” in regular Roulette, or in any of the empty boxes on the French Roulette table. If any of the numbers in the selected column is hit, you get paid 2:1. Note that zero (0) is a losing number. This bet option has minimum and maximum limits that are not derived from the Straight Up bet and can be found under the Table Limits panel.

Dozen bet (Douzaine)

You can bet on a group of twelve numbers by placing a chip on the area marked as “1st 12”, “2nd 12” and “3rd 12” in regular Roulette; and “D12”, “M12” and “P12” in French Roulette. If one of your 12 numbers is hit, you are paid 2:1. Note that zero (0) is a losing number. This bet option has minimum and maximum limits that are not derived from the Straight Up bet and can be found under the Table Limits panel.

Red/Black,Even/Odd (Pair/Impair) , Low (Manque or 1-18) / High (Passe or19-36) and the La Partage rule

You can place a bet in one of the boxes along the long side of the table that covers half of the numbers on the Roulette table (excluding zero). Each box covers 18 numbers. You win even money (1 to 1) on all these bets. In regular Roulette, if the outcome is zero (0), player loses their bet; in French Roulette they get half their bet back (see theLa Partage rule). This bet option has minimum and maximum limits that are not derived from the Straight Up bet and can be found in the Limits panel.

Special bets

Following bets can be placed using the Racetrack, My Bets and Special bets panels.

Straight Up bets

Place Straight Up bets on all the numbers belonging to a specific bet type.

Complete bets

This is a bet on all the different inside bets that have been made on a specific number.

Half-complete bets

This is a bet that covers the same positions as Complete bets but excludes Street and Line bets.

Voisins du Zéro

A bet on the neighbours of zero (0) on the Roulette wheel that covers every number on the wheel between 22 and 25, covering nearly half of the wheel, along with the zero (0).

The Voisins du Zéro bet places nine chips on the board: two chips on the triplet 0/2/3, two chips as Corner bet on 25/26/28/29 and one chip each as Split bet on 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22 and 32/35. The total of the Voisins du Zéro bet is 9 x the selected chip value.

The payout is as follows:

Winning number

Paid to player

Player's true profit

4, 7, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, 32, 35

17 chips (17:1) + 1 chip

17 + 1 - 9 = 9 chips

0, 2, 3

22 chips (11:1) + 2 chips

22 + 2 - 9 = 15 chips

25, 26, 28, 29

16 chips (8:1) + 2 chips

16 + 2 - 9 = 9 chips

Tiers du Cylindre

Tiers du Cylindre or Tiers means "one third of the wheel", since this is as close to 1/3 of the wheel as one can get. This bet covers the twelve numbers which lie on the opposite side of the wheel between 27 and 33, together with 27 and 33 themselves. The series is 27,13,36,11,30,8,23,10,5,24,16,33 (on a single zero wheel).

The bet places six chips, where one chip is placed on each of the following splits: 5/8; 10/11; 13/16; 23/24; 27/30; 33/36.


These numbers make up the two slices of the wheel outside the Tiers and Voisins. They contain a total of eight numbers, comprising 17,34,6 and 1,20,14,31,9.

  • Orphelins en Plein : Places one Straight Up bet on each orphan’s position.
  • Orphelins a Cheval : One chip is placed on number 1, and one chip on each of the splits: 6/9; 14/17; 17/20 and 31/34.

The payout is as follows:

Winning number

Paid to player

Player's true profit


35 chips (35:1) + 1 chip

35 + 1 - 5 = 31 chips

6, 9, 14, 20, 31, 34

17 chips (17:1) + 1 chip

17 + 1 - 5 = 13 chips


34 chips (17:1) + 2 chips

34 + 2 - 5 = 31 chips

Jeu 0 - Zéro

Jeu 0 (Jeu Zéro) is smaller version of the Voisins du Zéro bet. It covers the number in between (and containing) 12 and 15 on a Roulette wheel. One chip is placed on number 26 and one chip on each of the splits: 0/3; 12/15; 32/35.


This bet covers all numbers ending in 7, 8, or 9. One chip is paced on 19 and 27 as Straight Up bets and one chip on each of the splits: 7/8; 8/9; 17/18; 28/29.

Finales en Plein

This is a bet on all the numbers on the Roulette wheel that have the same last digit, e.g.: "Final 5" means a bet on the numbers 5, 15, 25, 35.

This bet places four chips when 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 is selected as the last digit - one chip on each number as a Straight Up bet. If the spin result is one of these numbers, the payout is the regular Straight Up bet win on that number. Thus, your profit is 35 + 1 - 4 chips = 32 chips.

However, the bet places three chips when 7, 8 or 9 is selected as the last digit - one chip on each number as a Straight Up bet. Thus, your profit in this case is 35 + 1 - 3 = 33 chips.

The table below gives a brief overview of the number of chips that are placed on the game table with each special bet, and which Roulette wheel positions the bet covers.

Special bet

Number of chips placed on the table

Positions covered

Voisins du Zéro


The Roulette wheel sector around the zero (0).

With two chips: 0/2/3, 25/26/28/29.

With one chip: 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, 32/35.

Tiers du Cylindre


The Roulette wheel sector opposite to the zero (0), minimum number of chips.

5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, 33/36.

Orphelins en Plein


The orphan numbers (between the two sectors), one chip per number.

1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, 34.

Orphelins à Cheval


The orphan numbers (between the two sectors), minimum number of chips.

1, 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, 31/34.

Jeu 0


A series of numbers surrounding zero (0), minimum number of chips.

0/3, 12/15, 26, 32/35.

Jeu 7/9


All numbers ending with 7, 8, and 9, minimum number of chips.

7/8, 8/9, 17/18, 19, 27, 28/29.

Finales en Plein 0


All numbers ending in 0, one chip per number.

0, 10, 20, 30.

Finales en Plein 1


All numbers ending in 1, one chip per number.

1, 11, 21, 31.

Finales en Plein 2


All numbers ending in 2, one chip per number.

2, 12, 22, 32.

Finales en Plein 3


All numbers ending in 3, one chip per number.

3, 13, 23, 33.

Finales en Plein 4


All numbers ending in 4, one chip per number.

4, 14, 24, 34.

Finales en Plein 5


All numbers ending in 5, one chip per number.

5, 15, 25, 35.

Finales en Plein 6


All numbers ending in 6, one chip per number.

6, 16, 26, 36.

Finales en Plein 7


All numbers ending in 7, one chip per number.

7, 17, 27.

Finales en Plein 8


All numbers ending in 8, one chip per number.

8, 18, 28.

Finales en Plein 9


All numbers ending in 9, one chip per number.

9, 19, 29.

Note: You can place bets that involve two, three, or even four numbers. For example, using the zero, you can place bets on: 1+0, 1+2+0, 2+0, 3+0, or 1+2+3+0.

Winnings table

Chip Covers

Bet type


1 number

Straight Up


2 numbers

Split bet


3 numbers

Street bet


4 numbers

Corner bet or Basket bet


6 numbers

Line bet


12 numbers

Dozen bet or Column bet


18 numbers

Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low (1-18) / High (19-36) bets


Although the payout ratios are fixed, the return depends on the number of chips involved in the bet. For example: in case of the Neighbours bet, the winning number always pays 35 to 1. If, for example, the bet is placed on five consecutive numbers 11-30-8-23-10, it involves five chips. If one of the numbers is hit, the return is 35 + 1 - 5 = 31 chips.

Winning number display

The winning number display shows the results of the previous spins.

Game flow

  • You make a bet on a certain kind of spin result. See the Betting options section and the Bet type section for additional information.
  • After all the players have made their bets, the wheel starts to spin, and the ball is launched to the wheel.
  • The ball comes to a stop in a number slot in the wheel and the result is announced.
  • Winning bets remain on the table. You can remove them like any other bet, or you can leave them on the table, in which case the chips are used to bet again on the previous round’s winning positions. This feature is available if enabled by your service provider.

Betting flow

  • If a game round is in progress when you enter the table, please wait for the next one, and then, place your bets.
  • To place a bet, choose a chip and place it on the betting position.
  • You can place several chips on different betting positions simultaneously.
  • The timer in the game window shows how much time you have left to place your bets.
  • After the No More Bets signal, the game round begins.
  • Winnings are paid for the winning bets at the end of each game round.
  • To play a game round, place your bets again or use the Rebet button.
  • To skip a turn, simply do not place any bets on the table.

Betting options

My Bets panel

You can save your favourite bets using the My Bets panel and later place them on the game table with just one action. Bets saved in this game are available in other single zero Roulette games.

Special bets tab

You can use this panel to quickly access the following special bets positions: Complete and Half-Complete bets, Jeu 7/9, Finales en Plain and Orphelins en Plein.

Straight Up bets tab

Use this panel to place several Straight Up bet on different bet types.

Racetrack, side bets and Neighbours bet

Racetrack shows you a racetrack with wheel numbers, side bet positions and Neighbours bet selector.

You can place the following side bets via the racetrack: Voisins du Zéro, Tiers du Cylinder, Orphelins à Cheval and Jeu 0 – Zéro.

To place a Neighbours bet, choose on how many neighbours on both sides of a number you want to bet on (from 1 to 9), and then place your chip on the desired number.

See the Bet types section in Roulette Rules for further explanation of bet types.

Betting from Statistics panels

If enabled by your service provider and you are playing on Desktop, you can place bets straight from the Statistics, Results and Chart panels. When you hover your mouse over the relevant bet type, it is highlighted on the betting map or on the Racetrack. If you click on the bet type, a chip is placed on the bet position. If you try to place a bet during the game round, you are prompted to wait until the betting round starts.

Limit ranges

The limit ranges displayed next to the table name in the Lobby and on the game table UI correspond to Straight Up bet limits. In addition, the Limits panel inside the game table gives additional info about different bet positions’ limits.

In Roulette games, the following bets have their own limits: Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, Basket, Line, Column, Dozen, Red, Black, Even, Odd, Low 1–18, High 19–36.

Spin Now

Spin Now * feature aims to speed up the game flow when there are only a few players at the table. You can use the Spin button to request that the betting round will end early, because you have finished placing your bets and are ready to play.

Spin button may be available in one game round and disabled in the next — this depends on the number of players sitting at the game table.

* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.


If it has been enabled by the service provider, you can use this feature to place bets automatically during a predefined number of game rounds.

As soon as you have placed a bet on the table, you can open the Autoplay panel. There, you can choose a value for the Autoplay Rounds : the number of rounds you want to play using the Autoplay.

Autoplay always starts from the next game round. Counter on the Autoplay button shows how many rounds you have left.

If you select the Autoplay button while the feature is running, the Autoplay is stopped and the panel is opened. You can see current conditions and change them. New conditions are applied from the next game round.

If you make your bet with Golden Chips, the Autoplay will use Golden Chips of the same value to make bets. When these have been used up, the Autoplay stops.

On some occasions, the Autoplay is automatically stopped. You are notified of the reason.

Bet creator

If enabled by your service provider, you can use it to create custom bets at any moment and without time limitation. You can use both the regular betting map and the Racetrack to create bets, and save them to favourite bets or immediately place them on the table.

If you create a bet and save it, it is available in the favourite bets’ menu. If you create another bet, you can save it as a new bet or update an existing one.

If you decide to place the bet on the table straight from the bet creator, the bet is placed only if the betting round is still ongoing. If the game round has already started, the bet is placed in the beginning of the next betting round.

If your service provider has enabled Golden Chips, you can use them to create bets.

The bet creator also indicates custom bet’s table coverage.

Lucky Dip

If enabled by your service provider, you can use the feature to place chips onto several random Straight Up positions simultaneously. Every press on the Lucky Dip bet button adds chips to the table and places them onto as many Straight Up positions as indicated on the button.

If your service provider has enabled Golden Chips, you can use them to make the bets.

Trail Bet

If enabled by your service provider, Trail betting feature is available for the game. With this feature, you can place bets on the betting map without lifting your finger from the mobile device screen. To use the feature, you need to enable the feature in game Settings menu (it is off by default), then choose a chip and slide your finger across the betting map. Bets can be placed onto all Straight Ups and related positions (Split, Triple, Corner, Basket/First Five, Line, Street). Bets cannot be placed onto outside bets (and Spread-Bets in Spread-Bet Roulette).

Return to player

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 97.30%.

Cancelled games

A game round can be cancelled if a complication occurs and disrupts the game session. All the players who are currently at the table are notified of the cancellation and all bets are returned to their accounts. Cancelled game rounds are marked with an X. The spin is considered to be valid if the ball completes three full revolutions inside the wheel. If the dealer believes that the ball will not complete three full revolutions, they will pick up the ball and respin it.

If the Autoplay has been enabled by the service provider, a cancelled game round does not stop the Autoplay. Round's bets are returned, but the Autoplay will apply current conditions to continue from the next round. Cancelled game round is not deducted from the Autoplay rounds (the number on the counter does not decrease).

UI Elements

Places the same bet as in the previous round.
Removes your bets that are currently on the table.
Doubles the bet you have currently placed.
Confirms all the bets you have placed on the table. Without confirmation your bets do not count.
Draws no more cards and ends turn.
Requests one more card from the dealer.
Allows to split your hand and request one more card, to continue playing two hands on a single position.
Protects your bet in case the dealer gets Blackjack.
Confirms your bets and notifies others that you are ready to proceed to game round.
Side bets
Hides/shows the Side bets.

The button opens the Settings menu.

  • Game Settings - Allows you to enable or disable Auto-confirmed bets feature and tooltips.
  • Audio Settings - Allows you to mute and unmute game sounds and dealer’s voice and change sound volume.
  • Video Settings - Allows you to change video stream quality.
  • Game History - Allows you to access full information about your previous game history.
    If you find the data provided in the Game History insufficient, please request a more detailed overview from your service operator.
  • Help - Opens the Help and Rules files that you are currently reading.
  • Support* - Allows you to contact the Customer Support team.
    * This option may not be available in your region.
Balance Displays your current game balance. This is the money you can use to play the game.
Opens the Cashier window, where you can make deposits, withdrawals, see your transaction history, etc.
Opens the Limits panel.
Gives a tip* to the dealer.
* Option is available only if enabled by your service provider.
Loads the Lobby where you can join another table. Please note, that if the game round is in progress, and you have placed bets on the current table, you need to wait until the game round finishes, before you can leave your current table.
Golden Chip

Golden Chips are bonus chips that are awarded to you in certain table games. Each Golden Chip has a specific value and can be used for betting like a normal chip. If the Golden Chip menu is available on the dashboard, it means that you have Golden Chips available for you to use in the current game.
The Golden Chip menu displays the value and the amount of the Golden Chips available in each particular game. If you have been awarded Golden Chips of different value, the menu lists all chip values and their amount. Chips of the same value from different bonuses are added up.

The Info button opens a pop-up with more information about the Golden Chips.

To bet using the Golden Chips, first select the desired Golden Chip value and then place a bet as normally. The remaining amount of Golden Chips decreases respectively.

Note that:

  • Golden Chips are only accepted as initial bets in the game. Any following activities, such as doubling, shall be deducted from your Real Money balance.
  • In card games, you cannot place a Golden Chip and regular chips on the same bet position simultaneously. However, you are welcome to mix a Golden Chip with a Real Money bet in all Roulette and SicBo games.
  • You can bet only one Golden Chip in each game round. This means that in multihand games, the Golden Chip can be placed on one hand only.

In case of a Tie or Push, the Golden Chip you bet is returned to you. Note that Tie or Push are featured only in Blackjack and poker games.

When your Golden Chip bet wins, the value of the winning Golden Chip is deducted from your win amount.

All game rounds that are played using Golden Chips are also distinguished in game history with the corresponding (GC) icon.

Note: This feature can be enabled or disabled by your service provider.

Live Bets Disclaimer

We make every effort to ensure that the information that is displayed to you and on our website with regards to the events is accurate. However, this is to be used for guidance purposes only. Due to the nature of these events and due to live transmissions potentially being delayed, we assume no liability for any information, including the score and time of game, being incorrect. Please ensure that you refer to the specific betting rules to see how bets are settled in particular markets. Note that this delay varies between customers and may depend on the setup from which they are receiving the data or pictures.

Live video feeds: Due to the nature of the Internet, video latency may occur. The game has been designed to ensure that players do not have advantage nor are in disadvantage due to the potential latency.

Note on malfunctions: A malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Note on rounding: Bets are always rounded down from the third decimal point. When you are refunded, and the money is transferred to your account balance, any amount smaller than 0.01 is rounded down.

Note on unresolved actions: Unpaid actions are canceled after 90 days.

Note on disconnections: If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a game while playing for Real Money, please re-establish your Internet connection and log back into the Casino. You will be automatically directed to the non-live version of the game you were playing so you can finish the game round. Please note that only the cards that were on the table at the moment of disconnection are carried over to such a game round. In some cases, the video stream may allow you to see additional dealer cards drawn or revealed after your disconnection. These cards are not carried over to the non-live game round. Note that side bets are resolved based on the Live game, and not the non-live version of the game. 

: 17/11/2020